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Stephen Colbert Pokes Fun on NASA Advertising Concept

Stephen Colbert talked about advertising in future space missions. He criticized the proposal to sell name rights for future NASA assignments to private companies to make money. The late evening showmaster mused what Moon Landing would have looked for if it had ads. The late show with Stephen Colbert | YouTube )

Stephen Colbert has once again called on US President Donald J. Trump to use NASA's future space mission for advertising.

Stephen Colbert Pokes Fun On NASA, Trump

In his initial monologue, late TV host, a strong critic of Trump, discussed the government's plan to sell name rights to private companies and allow astronauts to appear in commercials. [1

9659005] "As a businessman, Trump is famous for selling things: steaks, apartments, his soul," he joked. "Well, now he expanded that philosophy to space."

Of course, he refers to the latest news that Jim Bridenstine, Space Organization Manager, wanted to raise funds for future projects by allowing astronauts to support products like cereals. After all, when it comes to space, it's not cheap, because it only costs millions of dollars to send astronauts to the international space station. With plans to launch a monthly mail and then send people to Mars, NASA would need a lot of money.

However, if the proposal becomes a reality, it would be a rather important shift for the space agency that has, so far, it has become just about science. Unlike its Russian counterparts, NASA has made efforts not to promote any brand or participate in commercial activities.

The commercialization of NASA and future projects has already received criticism from the public that Colbert discussed on television on Wednesday, September 12th. 19659005] Under the monologue, the television receiver and the comedian pointed out how different it would have been if the moon landed in the 1960s if, for example, it was sponsored by Dr. Scholl's insoles. He was also a little surprised that the Trix rabbit was not an astronaut after all.

The 54-year-old also joked that in the future, the well-known astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson will also appear on boxes of Anytizers & # 39; Popcorn Chicken. Look at the clip below.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Talks Space Force

During the episode, Colbert also discussed Trump's space strength with Tyson. Astrophysics, writer and television host defended the proposal and said it was not a bad idea.

"Just because it came out of Trumps mouth, does not mean it's a crazy thing," said Tyson.

But he discussed that a space force already exists and is called the United States Space Command, under the jurisdiction of the military. He argued that the Air Force already has space-based missions like putting in circulation satellites

In August, US Vice President Mike Pence revealed plans to create a new branch of the military that would protect the country and the world from "rising security threats" today and in the future. If approved, US Space Force can start operations by 2020.

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