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Stefon Diggs a diva wide receiver? Early days with bills suggest the new GM is quite the opposite

When the Minnesota Vikings decided to sell their best wide receiver to the Buffalo Bills in March, the implication was that the two sides just could not coexist.

The division was not so messy to be honest. One day Stefon Diggs was on the roster and the next day he was gone. The Vikings simply felt as if they had to move on after about a year of trading rumors and perceived distraction from the talented passenger.

Diggs missed an exercise in October and was fined for the unintended absence. Asked about the desire to act and frustrations over Minnesota̵

7;s crimes, Diggs replied that “there is truth to all rumors.”

A few hours before he was handed the bills, Diggs sent out an ambiguous tweet explaining that “it’s time for a fresh start.” Just a few hours later, the bills sent a kingless worthy draft to the Vikings for what appeared to be a disgruntled superstar.

Depending on your point of view, it is at least likely to consider Digg’s behavior sometimes during his Viking service to be of the “diva type”. Wide receivers as a group have long been classified as such when some players have made it difficult. Superstars like Terrell Owens and Keyshawn Johnson will be thinking.

But as soon as Diggs became a count, his new CEO Brandon Beane was quick to defend his new star.

“This guy is a super competitive guy and gives an advantage to that position,” Beane said in April. “I know that divas are put into that position a lot. I would not call this guy a diva. I would call him more of … a dog. Again, I think he will fit in. … It’s a pure slate here. “

As far as Diggs goes, he cheated on the idea that he said something disappointing about his situation in Minnesota.

“There is no right or wrong or problem to fix here or anything to replace from my old situation. I have a lot of respect for the Minnesota Vikings, Diggs said. “When the trade occurred, you have to look at what it is that way. But I was never really good at what I did or did not like. “

To Beane’s point, Diggs has certainly got a clean slate in Buffalo and he seems to benefit from it. To begin with, his new quarterback Josh Allen has simply guessed his new receiver’s work ethic and fits into the Bills offense.

“This man loves to work,” Allen said in June just weeks after spending three days in Florida practicing with Diggs. “He loves to get on the field and run routes and talk to the guys and explain how he runs routes and explain what works for him for these young cats.”

Diggs offered a humble view of his new beginnings with the bills and said his main goal is to come in and help Allen in any way he can.

“I look at him as a quarterback who has a big arm, a big quarterback, a lot of heart, he runs around, he’s mobile, can extend the game,” Diggs said. “I’m more focused on how I can help him, all I can do to help him. To always be an ear, have the open line of communication with him, if he needs anything from me. “

Diggs said he will play 2020 while other players around the league spend the last 24 hours before Thursday’s 4pm and are considering opting out of the season.

Asked about his role in the crime, Diggs said it has not yet been determined. Right now he is trying to win the respect of his teammates and coaches. When it comes to fitting in, he said it will work itself.

“Everyone can help this team win. It does not matter who gets the ball, Diggs said. “As far as guys get the ball, hopefully we can all get it can get it, but it does not necessarily know how it goes. But everyone just does their job. You do your job, and we win games, that’s what it is. most important. Nothing individual. The individual will take care of himself. “


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