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Steelers switch Matt Feiler to left guard as possible gimmick against Aaron Donald

Meeting the NFL's top defensive players is no joke and as such, it's a challenge the Steelers seem to take very seriously.

Matt Feiler the right starting tackle, was confirmed after the practice on Friday at Rooney Complex as he worked on the left guard for the second day in a row. If it keeps Sunday against the Rams at Heinz Field, he would be on the line and possibly focus on preventing Aaron Donald from doing things all day.

At 6-6, 330 pounds Feiler would offer a larger frame than BJ Finney the recently replaced Ramon Foster who stays out with a concussion and will not play Sunday.

At the same time, and probably not randomly, Chuk's Okorafor confirmed he took the first team's reps at the right tackle, his natural position.


"They just want to give me reps there, keep me fresh in every position they can," Feiler replied without elaboration when the topic got busy after practice.

Right. The big game week.

Okorafor, who spoke a little later, offered a little more.

"I have no idea what the playing field is," he said. "I'll just keep doing my thing. If they need me to play scout teams, left tackle, right, it doesn't matter."

How the Steelers plan for Donald will definitely matter, and no one reading this needs Gimmick defense is anything but the norm for Mike Tomlin and Keith Butler but Donald is no ordinary opponent, and if Feiler stays on the inside, it will almost certainly help Maurkice Pouncey with a double team rather than something isolated.

Pressed for more, Feiler downplayed the movement in every way.


9659004] "Just switch from right to left, the footwork is a little different," he said "And I just have to turn everything I know from right to left in my head."

So, no preferred comfort level?

"Not really. I play any position. "[19659004] I raised this topic later in the day with Steelers Nation Radio Craig Wolfley something of an expert in the field, when he hosted a full radio show today at 105.9 X, and he had further insights:

The complete and final injury / participant report can be found here .

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