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'Star Wars' invades 'Fortnite' with a new skin and an incoming Star Destroyer

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It seemed inevitable that a Fortnite crossover with Star Wars would end, though I have to admit, I thought we'd see it for Rise of Skywalker, not Jedi: Fallen Order, the EA game just launched five minutes ago.

Fortnite kicks off its Star Wars crossover with some fanfare, but promised more likely to come One hour before the event, dataminers revealed a new skin and a new vehicle that came to the game.

The vehicle is a Star Destroyer. You can't fly it. You can barely even see it. it is currently off the west coast on the Chapter 2 map, upward space, as seen above. It is said that it may come closer as time goes on, and we can see some kind of related map event that, I don't know, is starting to blow away at map for some reason, this is Fort nite, we do not really need sons for such things.

skin? It's about the most iconic Star Wars look you can have, a set of Imperial Stormtrooper armor. It's the standard set, not the Clone Trooper era, nor the First Order era, just the original, and what our young Jedi are fighting in the Fallen Order, I think. The leather costs 1

500 V-Bucks and is part of the "Original Trilogy" set in the store. It seems to me that there will be skins beyond "Original Trilogy." Please, please, let me get a Hayden Christensen prequel Anakin skin. I would die. ( Update : You can actually get the Stormtrooper skin free if you buy the Jedi: Fallen Order through Epic Store )

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