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Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Introduces Virtual Queue to the Crowd Control – Deadline

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there was a new addition to Disneyland in Anaheim called Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and it was only open to people with reservations. But on June 24, the park made this country accessible without reservations, which meant that anyone who had access to Disneyland could access the new theme land located in Star Wars the planet's planet Batuu. That being said, Galaxy's Edge is already the most popular part of the park, but to avoid massive crowds, Disneyland has come up with a new virtual queue.

If you want to go to Millennium Falcon's Smugglers Run, drink some blue milk, build your own lightsaber or join Resistance while you at Disneyland have parked a system to control the audience with a virtual queue. For those who are early risers, they will be able to enjoy the Galaxy's Edge, but when the day goes by and the country gets more crowded (as you will be able to monitor through the Disney app), a virtual queue will play. Guests will be able to sign up for "boarding times" to Batuu as early as 07:00 via FastPass kiosks or the Disney app. They will be notified on their phones when their boarding times are available and will have two hours to appear to enter the country ̵

1; but don't think you can do this from home. You must be in the park to sign up for boarding to Batuu. The virtual queue will last as long as it is needed to stick to the Galaxy's demand and wild popularity.

Even if you don't need to keep reservations to get into Galaxy's Edge needs you still make reservations to enter specific parts of the country, including Savi & # 39; s lightaber workshop and Oga's Cantina – the only place in Disneyland where you can enjoy other worldly alcoholic beverages

Disneyland published this helpful video to help you with your trip to Galaxy's Edge.

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