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Standoff at NJ UPS ends with gunfire, but hostages OK

LOGAN TOWNSHIP – A hostage situation at a South Jersey UPS facility came to an end just before noon on Monday.

There was an exchange of gunfire between a man holding two women hostage and police at the facility on Birch Creek Road in Logan Township, according to Gloucester County Prosecutor Charles Fiore. He said the authorities followed "protocol" when they ended the situation.

Fiore would not disclose the number of shots fired or say whether the gunman returned four. But neither police nor the two women were injured, he said. Fiore said the gunman knew at least one of the women, but would not disclose their relationship.

The man entered the facility around 8:30 am . and took the hostages, Fiore said, Dozens of employees were taken to a nearby hotel bus. .

A large number of law enforcement responded to the scene including the FBI and a tactical team. Fiore said earlier that hostage negotiators were in touch with the gunman while he was barricaded in the room with the two women.

One of the evacuated witnesses, speaking to 6ABC, said she was friends with one of the hostages. She said the gunman was her friend's ex-boyfriend.

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