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Standing ovation when Kavanaugh condemns the "heavy price" of confirmation

S event court Brett Kavanaugh received a warm welcome from a room full of conservatives during his first speech since his tumultuous affirmation.

Kavanaugh, 54, held the keynote address at the Federalist Society's Antonin Scalia Memorial Dinner. About 2,300 guests attended the gathering, held in the main hall of Union Station in Washington, DC

Justice received a number of standing ovations during the event and, unlike other speakers, did not speak of President Trump's sweeping number of judicial appointments. Rather, Kavanaugh expressed gratitude to those who stood by him during his confirmation.

“My friends paid a heavy price ̵

1; far too heavy. I am well aware of it, and it pains me daily, "Kavanaugh said. “I signed up for what I knew would be an ugly process – maybe not so ugly – but my friends didn't. And yet in the midst of it all, they stood up and stood beside me. ”

The calm and genial atmosphere inside the hall was in sharp contrast to the protests outside. Demonstrators wore red robes and played testimony of Christine Blasey Ford on a large screen outside the black-tie event.

Ford claims that justice sexually assaulted her in 1982 during a small gathering in a house in suburban Maryland. Kavanaugh has denied the charge.

Kavanaugh was nominated by Trump to the Supreme Court in July 2018 following the retirement of Justice Anthony Anthony. His confirmation marked a conservative 5-4 majority on the nation's highest court.

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