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St. Paul's mayor urges David Martinez to release city council after topless photo postage – Twin Cities

Mayor Melvin Carter has asked David Martinez to let go of the city council immediately after the Ward 4 candidate's latest behavior made headlines and controversy.

For a period of three days earlier this month, Martinez was accused of being abused, expelled and banned from Target Field and arrested and banned from St Paul's public library. And on Saturday, it seems that Martinez posted a top-notch photo on his intended wife on his campaign website in response to being served as an obstacle.

The site seemed to have been taken by WordPress since Sunday. The site now says "martinezward4.wordpress.com is no longer available. This blog has been archived or suspended in accordance with our Terms of Service."

At the same time, Carter's request for Martinez to leave the Council unanswered. Martinez did not return calls.

David Martinez

"David Martinez's behavior is disturbing and has no place in our city. I wish the best for his family and all of our society when he heals the damage his actions have caused. He should let go of the city council immediately, Carter said in a statement released this weekend.

The photograph published on his campaign site appeared to be linked to a restraint order Meredith Martinez searched for her husband in a mistake July 4 at the couple's Hewitt Avenue home in St Paul. 19659002] David Martinez wrote in a blog post under the picture that he had been served by a detention order requiring him to stay away from his wife.

Meredith Martinez said Saturday she was aware of the image and worked with her lawyer.

St. Paul's police spokeswoman Steve Linders said Sunday that a report on the photo had been taken and the question was investigated.

"There are steps that investigators must to take the picture down, "he says. said. "It's a process, but our investigators are working on it."

Carter was not the only one who demanded that Martinez go aside.

One of the other candidates for Council Place, Shirley Erstad, released the following statement on Sunday:

"I know how scary it is to be threatened in the way that Mrs Martinez describes and my heart goes out to her and their children As a woman and a mother of three daughters, I am too aware of the consequences of sexual exploitation and violence against women and the consequences when good people stand and say nothing. I support the mayor's Carter position. Mr. Martinez's actions against his family and broader society are completely unacceptable and disqualifies him from holding public office. "

The third candidate for the seat, Mitra Nelson, released this statement on Sunday:

" These actions violate our deepest values ​​of basic human respect, unless our laws, "said Nelson. "This behavioral behavior calls serious question his assessment and ability to serve in public office at this time. Based on these actions, I urge Martinez to release the Ward 4 race."

The three candidates are scheduled to attend the candidate forum Wednesday at the University of St. Thomas.

"We are reviewing the situation," said Doug Hennes, Vice President of Government Relations at the University.

John Krenik, President of St Paul's Republican Party, called Martinez's latest acts "shocking".

"I urge Martinez to do the right and release the St Paul City Council and to get the professional mental health he needs before he hurts another person!" Krenik said in a press release. [19659002] According to the restrictive order documents on his website, Meredith Martinez said that during the 4th of July paralysis, "she put both hands on my neck and pushed me back into a shelf with my hands still caught around my neck." [July[19659002] On July 5, David Marti Nez was banned from the city's public library system for one month after his arrest in the central George Latimer Central Library.

The next day, July 6, he was expelled from Target Field and banned from the ballpark for a year after a physical confrontation with certainty.

Meredith Martinez added that on July 11, he took home several caps of mace and a pellet gun and told her that people threatened him.

The couple works on the same floor in the Minnesota Department of Health. He is ordered to stay away from her at work, according to the document.

Several people published on his Facebook page of the campaign ask him to get help and bark him for his behavior.

"Yikes … not a good look at sending out nude of your ex," wrote a person. "I was on board but now outside. Get a helper."

Another person asked him to "take down the photo" and say "if not for her, do it for your children."

Martinez did not answer on phone calls. [19659002] "My lawyer has asked me not to say anything more," he said on his website.

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