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SpaceX was forced to delay plans for first space tourism launch – BGR

Private space airlines like SpaceX and Blue Origin have made some great promises in terms of space tourism. The eager (and very rich) astronaut wannabes are anxiously waiting for their chance to float into the sky, but now SpaceX customers who have already paid out on a trip around the moon have been told that they have to cool their jet, so to speak.

Originally announced in February 2017, the plan was to have SpaceX take a couple of private citizens on a moon lane that would take them around the natural satellite of the Earth and move them back to land. At that time, the company believed that manned flights of its Dragon 2 spacecraft would have been running since the second quarter of 201

8, after an unmanned flight that slated out in late 2017. Yes, none of it has yet happened.

The delay in paid leisure time is not a shock, given that the company's entire schedule is heavily driven back. The unmanned launch of Dragon 2 is expected to take place in August 2018, with a manned flight that will take place by December 2018.

In addition, the first announcement of tourism noted that SpaceX would use Falcon Heavy for the job but the company has changed and will instead use BFR (Big Falcon Rocket). All this points to the sightseeing tour that takes place earlier than mid-2019, and possibly much later depending on how good things go with Dragon 2 and BFR.

The passengers who will participate in the paid flight have not been identified in any way, with SpaceX noting that there are two private citizens who "already paid a substantial deposit" for the privilege of being SpaceX's first space travel customers. Let's hope they still have enough money left to stay busy until 2019.

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