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Southgate Arcade, Sylvania: The Perfect Destination for a Day of Bowling

Sylvania, a tiny suburb south of New South Wales, is famous for its large waterfront properties and the best dining options. While this place is mostly comprised of residential areas, this suburb has a handful of established commercial centres on Port Hacking Road and the Princes Highway. One of the most popular spots is the Southgate Arcade.


From shopping to dining, you can find a lot of fun and entertaining things to do at the Southgate Arcade. Bowling should be on top of your list when visiting this place. Learning how to bowl is relatively easy: you pick your ball, aim, then shoot. However, it helps that you understand several factors surrounding a bowling game; the most crucial of which is the bowling lanes.


At the Southgate Arcade, the bowling lanes appear straightforward at first glance. You look at it as an unattractive slicked wooden surface leading to the pins. But if you take a closer look, you can notice several bowling-lane markings like tiny dots and arrows. Understanding these markings will teach you to bowl better. Here are some helpful tips to let you better understand bowling lanes.


The Boards. Bowling boards are comprised of 39 wood strips running all the way to the end. The strips are called boards; with each board measuring an inch wide.  The first board is on the left if you’re a lefty, and opposite when you’re a righty. Board number 20 is the middle board.


The Dots. Before you start rolling down your bowling pins, it helps to know where you place yourself on the bowling lane. This will make (or break) your shot. Each lane has multiple dots and rows that lead to the foul line. You can find a set of dots just some feet behind the foul line. Another set runs parallel on the foul line on the same board. Each dot is roughly five inches apart and precisely line up with the arrows on the lane. While all these dots look precisely the same, pay close attention to the centre dot. It is a bit larger, and this is your lane’s exact midpoint.


The whole idea of understanding these dots and arrows in bowling is for your shots to be consistent. Be wary of your stance and observe how the ball behaves. When shots are off the mark, adjust accordingly with the dots serving as your precise guides.


The Arrows. At this point, you now realise how symmetrical bowling lanes are. You’ve probably noticed by now the presence of the tiny dots and how important they are during a game. The arrows are no different. These arrows are roughly 1

5 feet past the foul line. Just for comparison, the bowling pins are 60 feet away, meaning you can easily target the arrows. The arrows, all seven altogether, are laid out in a triangular outline. The middle arrow perfectly lines up with the centre set-up dot and the headpin.


While it is understandable that you focus your attention on the bowling pins, try not to look at them until you finally release the ball. Keep your eye instead of on arrow number two. Roll your shot straight over it. Pay close attention to how the ball behaves and when necessary, make adjustments until you achieve consistency.

You can achieve rolling consistent balls once you get to understand how bowling dots, boards, and arrows work. By the time you’re very familiar with these markings, you can start levelling up your game and doing advanced techniques.


Author : Wayne Lays

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