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Sony is working on next-generation PlayStation 5 hardware

Rumors of a hint on the development of PlayStation 5 have been circulating for a few weeks on the internet. While many wonder how it will look and perform, Sony is still very secret when it is understood.

In a press release from Sony Corporation, CEO Kenichiro Yoshida, the CEO has confirmed the need for next generation hardware. The statement is vague indeed, but it can only confirm the fact that Sony is shaking handsome with a new iteration of the world-famous game console.

While PS4 has outsourced Xbox One, Sony can not deny the fact that Microsoft offers a console that is superior in some aspects. The improved versions, Xbox One X and PS4 Pro have also fought for superiority, and enhanced hardware allows Xbox to grab the crown.

Many people tend to argue that the hardware is not so big of a deal, but Xbox One X could deliver flawless gameplay with impressive 4K resolution and 60 frames per second. Pro can also achieve this achievement, but a large list of AAA games can not keep either the resolution or FPS at the same time, with most games offering a scaled-up option to compensate for the loss.

It was also surprising that while Sony pioneered the use of Blu-ray discs, Microsoft was adding a built-in Ultra-HD Blu-ray player to the console where people could enjoy an impressive video experience without having to buy one dedicated player, as the cheapest start of around $ 300.

After accepting the team's demands, Sony finally made cross-play, first for Fortnite, with more titles reported to come in the future. Now, Sony is watching to make the next console backward compatible with previous generations, as fans have criticized their policy of releasing HD strips on what they consider to be unreasonable prices.

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