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The CDC does not recommend masks with valves

Wearing a mask in public is common and mandatory in some parts of the world in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, not all masks are sufficient to protect the wearer and those around them. Masks with valves are banned on some airlines and in different cities. Airlines such as Delta, United Airlines and JetBlue have banned masks with …

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It all starts with the middle of fever and illness which is then followed by a cough and sometimes shortness of breath. The infection is marked to spread more in public places and in the public. To contain it requires the entire tracking of who the patient met and each contact he or she made, followed by their isolation, and …

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Havana back on lockdown when coronavirus rebounds

HAVANA (Reuters) – Cuba put Havana back on a tight lockdown on Saturday after a recovery in coronavirus cases, ordering restaurants, bars and pools once again to close, close public transport and ban access to the beach. FILE PHOTO: People wearing face masks waiting to enter the first wholesale office for private dining, during the global outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), …

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Coronavirus: Smethwick’s Soho Foundry Tavern customers ‘must self-isolate’

Image copyright Google caption About 70 people attended a barbecue party at the pub on August 2nd Customers at a pub in the West Midlands are being urged to self-isolate following a potential outbreak of Covid-19 cases. The Soho Foundry Tavern in Smethwick reported cases of coronavirus and closed voluntarily on Thursday. Sandwell Council and Public Health England executives are …

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Brazil’s former health minister attacks Bolsonaro as Covid-19 kills top 100,000 | World news

Jair Bolsonaro’s former health minister has accused the Brazilian president of not offering “a single word of consolation” to the families of the 100,000 Brazilians who have lost their lives to Covid-19. In an interview marking Brazil’s latest Covid-19 milestone, Luiz Henrique Mandetta – who was fired in April after challenging the president’s internationally condemned coronavirus response – stated that …

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