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Soon-Yi Previn defends Woody Allen and describes Mia Farrow Darkly

In her first extended comments on the sharp and tangled story between director Woody Allen and the Farrow family, Soon-Yi Previn described her mom, Mia Farrow, as a demeaning and sometimes violent figure that exploded in the learning of her relationship with Mr. Allen – a man like Mrs. Farrow had worked with and dated for years.

The remarks made in a long-standing New York newspaper article published online on Sunday represent the latest escalation in a decades long dispute about allegations that Mr Allen smuggled his adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow.

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Ms. Previn defended his husband, who has come up with new criticism, saying that "what happened to Woody is so outrageous, so unfair." Everyone has been in conflict with Mia Farrow for several years over Dylan Farrow's allegations and Mrs. Previn said her mother had "taken advantage of the # MeToo movement and Dylan's parade as a victim."

From the beginning, Mrs Previn and her mother were "like oil and water," she said.

"Mia described me as" elegant, "she said in the article." That was the only positive thing she said about me. "

In the article, Mrs Previn said that her mother would try to teach her the alphabet with wooden blocks – but would throw them to her if she made a mistake. She also said that Mia Farrow would tip her up and down, "Stick to my feet to make the blood flow to my head" because she thought it would make her smarter. Sometimes Miss Previn said her mother would hit her face or spank her with a hairbrush. At one point, she told the newspaper that Mia Farrow threw a porcelain canine at her.

"It's hard for anyone to imagine, but I really can not get a nice memory, "she said about her years with her mom.

In this article, a representative of the family rejected all Mrs. Previn's memories of physical abuse or neglect.

Dylan Farrow, her brother Ronan F Arrow – who has written several articles for New Yorker on sexual assault in the # MeToo era – and six of their siblings responded Sunday with a common statement who said they were standing with their mother who had been "unfairly attacked".

In a separate statement Dylan Farrow confirmed that she had been bullied by Mr Allen when she was 7 years old and said that the New York newspaper would be ashamed of what she called a "one-sided piece". The article was written by Daphne Merkin, who wrote that she has been friend of Mr Allen for the ov was four decades.

"I'm angry that the New York newspaper was going to take part in this kind of shooting job," Ronan Farrow wrote his own statement and added that "survivors of addiction deserve better."

After describing some of the addiction, Previn says she led as a child, the article explains how she became romantically entangled with Allen. After breaking her football game, Allen offered to take her to school, she said. She began to soften him, and eventually the couple began to go to the New York Knicks game together.

Their business began in autumn 1991 when she was 21 years old college beginner and Allen was 56 years old. She came home from college and they watched a movie together; "He kissed me and I think it started," Previn told the newspaper. She quickly realized that she had "a moral dilemma" on her hands and said that although her mother's relationship with Mr. Allen was over, the couple's decision to start her own relationship was still "a big betrayal both on our part. "

In January 1992, Mia Farrow discovered naked images of Fr. Previn as Allen had taken. Miss Previn told the newspaper that her mother hit her, "called everyone" and threw her out of the apartment they had shared. Even though Mrs. Previn said she regretted that her mother found the pictures, she said they were taken to the privacy of Allen at home when they "were both giving birth to adults."

Dylan Farrow has said that Allen sexually abused her by touching her genitals on August 4, 1992. Later that month, Allen Allen woke Mia Farrow to the New York State Court for the custody of Dylan, Ronan and Moses Farrow and shortly afterwards released a statement confirming his relationship with Fr. Previn.

"I just knew he loved me when he gave the press conference and said it in public," Previn told the newspaper. "Even then, I was not sure if he meant it. We had never said these words to each other."

Mr.. Allen and Ms. Previn married on December 23, 1997.

Ms. Merkin, the author of the article, said she asked Mrs. Previn "if she thinks she could handle the deal differently or did not start with it."

"No," Previn told her without drafting.

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