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Someone made a current Thanos Mod for GTA Online

Having super heroes like in Grand Theft Auto Online is nothing new. You can literally scan about a dozen boards and find virtually everyone under the sun, from Superman all the way down to Sponge Bob to GTA Online hijinks. And that includes Thanos, who has so far been represented only in a few rare ways when he looks at comic books and skins he has taken from a few different games. This weekend it was discovered that a scriptwriter named JulioNIB worked on a true Thanos courage who has him in his present appearance from Infinity War .

It does not seem to be a real download of it anyway, just a few videos and a Pateron you can go to to help finance his progress. But in terms of things, he has got the most moves that one can expect from someone who owns the Infinity Gauntlet when fighting the earth's most powerful heroes. Considering some of the other mods previously made with Thanos, this looks quite clean and not so ridiculous. We look forward to trying it out when it becomes available.

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