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Someone has gone and built a PC out of pasta

I love movies, I love technology and I love to run. But if there is one thing I love more than any of these, it is food. I love all kinds of food and are generally not afraid to try anything at least once in my quest to make sure I can avoid hunger. As someone who runs a lot, I inevitably end up with pasta because I need the carbohydrates to keep me going and as we all know, pasta is one of the best forms of carbohydrates. Imagine that you can combine pasta and the power of technology to create a computer that is not only useful but tastes great even when you get hungry.

Now, with courtesy of YouTuber Laplanet Arts, there is a way to build a computer that can do just that when he shares how he went and turned hardware from an old Asus Transformer convertible table and built it in a new case entirely of lasagne and rigatoni. The type of food you can finally play with! Not to mention the risk of an expensive mistake when your hunger takes over and you accidentally bite into it.

I'm not so sure how I like this experiment. I love the glory here, but I get hungry, just looking at this computer and I'm not sure I could hold on if I were to use it. The temptation to place it in the oven and cook it to see what happens is also quite strong.

I can definitely see a potential future brand here but like
computers are built into different types of dishes. It can be more of a
gimmick than anything that is useful, but in a world where people will integrate technology
into any small toy or appliance why not put it in things like humans really
Love. And now I'm looking for lasagna for lunch.

Last updated: April 23, 2019

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