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Social media: An obstacle to polio campaigns in rural areas

Holders of different rural areas said they learned about the side effects of polio vaccine on social media

  Social media: An obstacle to policing campaigns in rural areas

Social media: An obstacle to polio campaigns in rural areas

KHANEWAL: Social media has changed the communication dynamics of all ages in our society. But in addition to providing an efficient platform, its use has also created obstacles in different aspects of our lives.

Such is the situation in rural areas of South Punjab, especially in Khanewal, where people have developed negative thoughts about polio vaccines

For a day: Polio campaign extended in Pindi

Holders of various rural areas, including Kot Chutta, Taunsa Shareef, Panjnad, Kalairi Channel, Kot Addu, Wasaiday Wali and neighboring areas said they learned about the various side effects of the Facebook and YouTube polio vaccine.

Muhammad Rafique, a resident of Kabeerwala, told the Express Tribune that the oral polio vaccine (OPV) makes male children impotent and causes infertility. "Polio drops are a tool for weakening men," he said.

Another citizen Mustafa said, "Polio campaigns are a planned conspiracy of West and America to make our people lazy and veil so they can not participate in the war against external forces."

When the question of the source of Such information came in, Mustafa must add that he came to know this through social media, including Facebook, You Tube and WhatsApp.

Similarly, 35-year-old Abu Bakar told the Express Tribune that he did not give two of his sons polio drops. "Anti-polio drops are manufactured by our enemies. These drops are designed to make our children dumb and boring so they can not participate in healthy activities," he says.

When speaking to The Express Tribune, Khanewal told police chief Agha Zaheer Abbas Sheerazi that the district government supports polio devices and polio workers work hard to completely eliminate the virus.

"Social media remains a major obstacle to eradicating polio from the country. People believe in the propaganda initiated through social media, "he regretted.

" I have personally visited rural areas with polio teams to ensure that polio vaccinations are given to children under five years, "he added.

Anti-polio drive to focus on refusal

About 99.9% of all rural areas in Punjab were included in the three-day police campaign commenced earlier in April. Sheerazi claimed that a three-day follow-up of polio- The unit ended April 1

4th (Saturday).

He said the 100% target for the polio campaign was achieved: 586,000 children were vaccinated by 1,302 teams in Khanewal.

When contacted, activist Azhar Sheikh considered the neighboring areas of Khanewal had remained the center of active militant outfits for the last three decades. The people are still strongly influenced by their teachings, he added.

He said there are many religious seminars in these areas the one who releases propaganda against the polio vaccine.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 16 th 2018.

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