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So your Disney + account was hacked. Here's what to do

Hackers have access to thousands of Disney + user accounts and sell them for between $ 3 and $ 11, according to several surveys. Some people complained that hackers locked them out of their accounts after online thieves gained access and changed their accounts username and password.
Disney ( DIS ) stated in a statement that "there is no evidence of a Disney + security breach" and that it takes "users' data very seriously."

Disney + doesn't seem to have been hacked. Instead, Disney + customers' credentials were set in other security breaches. Many use the same email login and password for multiple accounts, including the streaming service, which was stolen during previous security breaches.

This is the second time Disney + customers have had trouble logging in since the service was launched last week. When the service first went live, Disney + experienced a break.

Disney said that if a user is locked in, they should contact customer support immediately for help.

If you suspect your password has been compromised, here are some simple tips to make sure it doesn't happen again: [1


Change your password

Do not use regular passwords. A new survey from the UK's National Cyber ​​Security Center revealed the world's most common password and found that "123456" is the Internet's most vulnerable password. The password "123456789" was used on 7.7 million accounts, while "qwerty" and "password" each were used by more than 3 million.

The organization recommended using three "random but memorable" terms in a password to reduce the risk of an account being broken.

Use different passwords

It's simple: Use a different password for each account. Write them down safely (on paper) and store them in a place you remember.

Use Chrome Tools

Google's browser has a password checking feature that automatically checks all your saved passwords for security issues and alerts you if passwords have been exposed to a third-party data breach. The tool will also tell you if your password is being reused on various websites by bad actors or if you have a weak password that should be updated.
It is available as an extension and can be installed here.

Use third-party tools

Paid services, including Dashlane and 1Password, monitor logins and inform people when their credentials have been compromised. The easy-to-use tools create a secure password that can be used on multiple accounts via a browser extension.

Chrome also has a free service that suggests strong passwords for new logins.

Use two-factor authentication

Some popular services, including Google's Gmail or Apple, offer two-factor authentication. It is an extra security step where the service text or emails get you a PIN once to log in.

– CNN Business & # 39; Kaya Yurieff contributed to this report.

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