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Smash pro Salem slammed so as not to shake Armada's hand on Mainstage

Controversial Smash Ultimate pro Saleem 'Salem' Akiel Young has been criticized for not shaking Melee legend Adam 'Armada' Lindgren's hand on Mainstage after their set.

Mainstage tagged Super Smash. Bros Melee Icon Armada's return to competitive play. The famous player has taken up content creation in downtime, streamed on Twitch and uploaded guides on Youtube so fans can emulate the abilities of one of the best Smash players of all time.

However, tensions rose as the member of Five Gods of Smash came up against Salem at the event.

Beyond The Summit

Armada returned to Pro Smash this weekend on Mainstage.

The two matched in the bottom bracket of the tournament, with the winner securing a place in the top 16. While many were hopeful of a competitive matchup, Salem managed to escape with a convincing 3-0 sweep of the Melee legend.

It wasn't what happened in the game that got people talking – it was what happened on stage. The former Team Liquid player stood up from the chair and did not even acknowledge his opponent on stage and stormed without shaking his hand.

The unsportsmanlike movement immediately caught the fans up. Reddit user & # 39; SuperSceptile2821 & # 39; called Salem's discoveries for a "real asshole movement," and that sentiment has been repeated across all platforms.

He was also criticized for not showing the same amount of respect for Armada as he did William "Leffen" Hjelte. After losing to the TSM player, Salem accepted a fist jump in defeat, even though he has expressed his disdain for him.

"Didn't you see Louf's fist skin even though he didn't like him," said Twitter user areallyloudguy & # 39;

Armada himself expressed disappointment at Salem's discoveries and described his opponent's behavior as " pathetic ."

But the worm's head came out and said that he is not obliged to shake hands with his opponents and claps back against his critics.

"The only unsportsmanlike thing here is to try to rob someone because you think you deserve something, which is actually someone else's decision to make."

Salem has been blasted earlier for comments regarding Melee & # 39; s place in the Smash community. In a series of tweets in December 2018, the Ultimate player said that " Melee is not part of the Smash community ", with the catch phrase "years of research" becoming a meme after the fairy tale.

He also cast a shadow on idolized members of the Melee community, including Armada. Salem called the icon " a trick pony " and discredited the achievements of the decades-long professional, which includes several EVO titles.

Salem is still running through the Mainstage console after making the top eight, with seats on Smash Ultimate Summit 2 on the line. A top six finish will secure him a spot in the 16-man tournament on October 24.

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