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SpaceIL plans to land on the moon – Space – Science and Technology

  Israel Lunar Mission

Lunar Model SpaceIL.

The Israeli company SpaceIL claims it will soon send its module to the moon and will try to be the first private company to succeed.

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The module that SpaceIL has created in collaboration with
of the state-owned company Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), will be issued to the circular
Earth in December. They informed them during a joint press conference
In Tel Aviv teams from both organizations aimed at landing
with the device on the moon February 13, 2019.

If they did, Israel would become the fourth country in the world after
The US, the Soviet Union and China, who managed to land on the moon.

SpaceIL before space began in November
585-pound module to the United States. From there it is on
The Orbit launches a Falcon rocket from Space X. Within the module
He comes to the moon, the earth is a couple of times. After landing there will be a facility
send pictures and gather data about the moon's moon for Israeli
Weizmannov Institute

A project worth € 80.5 million is funded by the South African-Israeli
billionaire Morris Kahn, who is also Director of SpaceIL, and other donors.
If the module was able to capture the Moon, it would have been Kahn
"Outstanding success". The purpose of the module is to inspire the future
generations of Israelis to pursue a career in mathematics,
science and engineering departments, said IAI's chief Joseph Weiss

SpaceIL was formed in 2011 and initially attended with its module
on the $ 20 million Google Lunar X Prize. competition
however, appealed in March after none of the participants
company failed to meet deadline

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