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Slack starts dark mode for macOS, Windows and Linux

Slack introduces a new dark mode for desktop versions of its chat app in the workplace. The new dark desktop options mode will be available on all platforms today, allowing Windows, macOS and Linux users to switch away from the traditional light theme that has always been available on Slack.

Slack enables dark location variants of all existing sidebar themes and add their own "Nocturne" darkness theme that can be set to both desktop and mobile. The dark state of the desktop comes months after the same feature appeared on iOS and Android versions of Slack earlier this year.

"Darkness is an important feature for many people," explains George Zamfir, a Product Manager for Availability at Slack. "It's good for working at night or in low light, and we know many people need it for accessibility reasons such as visual impairment, migraines or other vision problems."

You must update or restart your Slack desktop app to find the new dark mode options in the theme section of the settings.

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