If you have "Red Dead Redemption 2" we have tips and advice to help you

For more than a week, the video game "Red Dead Redemption 2" has generated blockbuster sales and stellar reviews.

Do you want to know how the West can win in Rockstar Games? world adventure We've collected some tips and advice from Rockstar Brain Reliance and Video Game Journalists who reviewed the game to help your exploration in "Red Dead Redemption 2" ($ 60, for Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4, ranked Mature in 17-year-olds).

Camp counsel. Early in the game, your main character, Arthur Morgan and the rest of the Van der Linde band camped in the mountainous Horseshoe Overlook. When you make money, you want to use the main book to improve the camp, "said Matt Bertz, editor of Game Informer, who reviewed the game for the site. To do it "unlocking the ability to store horses, revive valuable supplies like ammunition and quick travel right from your camp," he said.

Arthur Gies, who reviewed the game for Variety, agrees. Upgrade "your camp to level 3 to unlock fast travel … (is) one of the most important tips I can imagine," he said. "It is still limited to a fairly small number of points around the world, but it can save a lot of time at different points."

Exploring the game's impressive landscape by horse is a pleasure, but sometimes you want to get somewhere fast. Once your camp is upgraded, you can quickly travel straight from the camp to any of the cities you have visited before, says Bertz.

When upgrading the camp, make sure there is plenty of ammunition and health icons at your fingertips.

More Travel Progress . If you ride the gang, you can get your horse automatically following the crew. Just hold the Run (X on PS4 or A on Xbox One) button and it will hit your horse and he will not be as tired if you would press the button on a regular basis to continue.

As soon as you start making your way through the different regions, you may be tired of keeping it running. "Red Dead 2" has an app to fix it.

Before you go on an excursion, set a waypoint on the map. Then, when riding your horse, connect the biographical camera by pressing down on the right stick. Then you can grab your finger off the driving button and check the view. Change back to the traditional third person and personal image by pressing down on the right holder.

Make sure you visit train stations because you can buy a train ticket that allows you to quickly travel to nearby stations that the train already has

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On Hunt . Early in the game you will end a bear hunt with Hosea. You will encounter a legendary bear. Be sure to continue the hunt after you encounter the bear. This will give you an early introduction to Stairs and the network "a fantastic cold weather hat", says Rockstar Gurus.

Even in Chapter 2, you can start by bringing material to the camp's chef, Pearson and having He makes you a new satchel that holds more than your first.

Before jumping, read the compendium for useful information about where animals can be found and what ammo you should use. When you're looking for an animal, you'll see a star rating for the animal's fur or carcase. Only 3-star carcasses can be used to manufacture, and you must get a clean death to make your coat perfect.

Studying animals gives you useful information on how to get the pure death. Do not forget to use the binoculars to track them away. For smaller animals, use the hot intruder and small game pad.

In addition to the fur and the flesh from death, you can collect animal fat that can be produced in the manufacture of fire bottles (such as molotov cocktails) and explosive ammunition. You can also sell the fat to butchers and stairs.

You can also collect bird feathers, which can also be given to stairs that can use them to add a sense of Arthur's hat.

Gunplay . Want to get some upgraded weapons early in the game? When in the city of Valentine, talk to the cinema at the lounge to launch the Gunslinger series of missions, "The Noblest of Men, And A Woman." These volunteer stories give you access to some incredibly customized weapons.

There are times when you meet many enemies, so you want to exploit the Dead Eye feature, "said GameSpot Associate Editor Kallie Plagge, who described the game as" emotional "and" thoughtful "in his review. "This is the ability that slows down time during combat so that you can nail precision shots on enemies," she said. To engage Dead Eye, turn RB on Xbox One control or R1 on PS4.

"It's a good option in situations when you're overwhelmed because you can target multiple enemies at once and thin out the resistance," says Plagge. "You will unlock abilities like manually targeting enemies and even seeing hotspots there your shots will be most deadly. "

Horsing around . Your horse is an important part of your success, so take time to tie. It gives you new abilities like breeding and skiing to a halt.

In addition to feeding and brushing your horse, it's another easy way to tie your horse to the left stick while riding to pat and calm down. Purchasing advanced saddles and socks increases your horse's speed and acceleration .

"Feed, ride and brush the horse to tie it with it, as the bond grows, you can call it from greater distances and learn new maneuvers like strafing," said Plagge. "You can also break wild horses to them and sell them to a profit when they are well educated. The trick approaches them slowly and calmly. "

And since you spent so much time connecting and improving your horse, make sure you have a horse reader tonic in your inventory so that you can heal your reliable star.

Be Focused. As you go through the century's setting, choose a task and stick to it, "said Chris Plante, executive editor and co-founder of the Polygon video game site.

An open-world adventure" Red Dead 2 "lets you explore beyond the game's storyline to hunt, fish, collect money and other activities. But Plant said he liked the game more" when I focused on one activity at a time. For example, if I needed a fur to make a nice outfit, I hunted for purpose, with appropriate equipment: bait, tonic, a rifle. "

Cuts distractions, he said," made me enter the moment, instead of treating every activity as an obligation on the way to what's next. [19659000] More: "Red Dead Redemption 2": First Impression From Once In The West

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