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Six reasons for optimism about COVID-19 – HotAir

Therapeutic treatments (in addition to what we already have for the sickest patients) will come before vaccines. When someone gets the new coronavirus, his or her body’s immune system launches a defense, including producing antibodies that circulate in the blood to help identify infectious attackers. These circulating antibodies offer some protection against future infections (how long we still do not know). Researchers have now constructed clones of these antibodies – what we call monoclonal antibodies – and they are showing that they are effective both therapeutically and in preventing infection. They work by attacking the nail protein from the coronavirus, which is how this virus enters our cells. Prevent this from happening, and the virus cannot replicate inside the body.

Fast and cheap saliva tests are also coming, and as my colleagues Michael Mina and Laurence J. Kotlikoff recently pointed out, they are a game changer. Why? These are like home pregnancy tests but for covid-1

9. Imagine a test you can do at home every day, which gives you an answer in a few minutes after spitting in a vial and costs only 1 to 5 dollars. Such a test would change our ability to slow down outbreaks where early detection is everything. It would also help consumer confidence and slow down this economic crisis. Do you want to go to school or work or to a Broadway show? Show that your quick test was negative. These tests are not completely accurate, but the opposite is that they do not have to be. More important than accuracy is the speed and frequency of the test.


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