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What’s on your phone? Must-Have Apps Tatler Friends are currently obsessed with

Thanks to coronavirus, many of us have spent more time sticking to our devices. Whether it’s publishing updates, investigating what’s happening in other parts of the world, or simply keeping in touch with loved ones, our phones have become even more woven into our daily routines.

Since everyone is in the same boat here, we asked some of Hong Kong’s cool kids what apps they can not live without.

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My Aurora Forecast (iOS, free)

I’m a fan of the night sky. I remember waking up in the middle of the night on a long-haul flight (remember I took a plane?) From New York to Hong Kong. I looked out the window and there were these shades of light vaguely glistening in the distance. After manually setting up my camera and taking a long exposure photo of this mysterious light, I finally realized that we were just flying past the Arctic Circle and I had taken Aurora Borealis on my camera. Since then, every time I know I̵

7;ll be flying north at night, I’m going to activate this app to check out the chance to encounter this natural light show.

Co-Star personal astrology (iOS / Android, free)

If you believe in Mercury retrograde, you will have fun with this app. It provides a daily forecast based on your birth chart. But most importantly, it gives you a complete analysis of the governing signs of each of your astrological houses. Although I personally take it with a pinch of salt, it’s quite entertaining to check friendship, love and intelligence compatibility with your friends who are also on the app. It offers non-scientific explanations as to why once in a blue moon you just want to stifle some of your best friends (do not deny it!).

Skyscanner (iOS / Android, free)

Back when I travel often this would be my go to app to check ticket and hotel prices. I am very specific with the ways I plan my itinerary and usually I already know almost every detail of my trip. Manually entering search criteria on Skyscanner gives me the most accurate results with an overview. It is a very easy to use search engine, but if you know how to play with the search criteria, ticket types and itinerary, you would be surprised to find some first class tickets that sell at lower prices than business class tickets.

Piste: Ski & Snowboard (iOS, free)

I have tested many ski apps. Slopes offer the most comprehensive features that any skier might want to use. Apart from the usual speed and altitude sensor functions, it has preloaded 2D and 3D maps of most major ski resorts, allowing you to reconsider where you went, where your friends were and those who are always waiting for you at the bottom of the piste .

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