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Rhian Brewster sales make sense but then Liverpool have six more transfer priorities

This week’s View From the Kop has views and opinions on Thiago Alcantara and Diogo Jota, Liverpool’s two big signings, plus the Reds’ win over Frank Lampard’s Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

Empire of the Kops’ Jordan Chamberlain discusses all the latest Liverpool FC talk points after a hectic week of transfers and Premier League action.

Thiago Alcantara made his debut in Liverpool this weekend. Is he the most high-profile signing Liverpool have ever made?

Fernando Torres was a big name when he signed – but he had not won anything. Thiago has won a lot in club football and was recently the best player (at some distance) in a Champions League final ̵

1; absolute elite talent.

People like Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and Virgil van Dijk were brilliant signings – but had not achieved half of what Thiago has in his career.

How impressed were you with the first 45 minutes of his time as a Reds player? Jurgen Klopp often talks about ‘transforming’ players – is Thiago another?

It was nice for him to come in to, in fairness. Chelsea did not put pressure on him due to having ten men and he cruised around Stamford Bridge the whole half – never rushed, never gravelly. I absolutely loved watching him, but – and who would not?

He is so, so stylish. There were some quick workouts that I did not see when I was watching TV – and Thiago was facing the other way! Since then, I have been buzzing his new song.

Thiago is a red!

A £ 20m + deal has taken the midfielder to Anfield, and he is ready to fire Jurgen Klopp.

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Diogo Jota has also come in for a first £ 41m. How good a signing is he, and where do you think he can play for the Reds, both short and long term?

In the short term, I do not think he will ignite the world, because the top three have started the season in outrageously good shape and will start every Premier League game, pretty much.

Like Takumi Minamino in January, Jota may have a hard time getting minutes – and the opportunities he gets will probably be with the rotation players in the EFL Cup. In the long run, I honestly do not know!

He is a talent – feisty, fast – and has 10-15 minutes of play where he turns a tool and can do a couple before the opposition knows what is happening. I think he only gets minutes left when Mane needs a breath.

Liverpool were comfortably sent off by Chelsea with their 0-2 victory. Did it put down a marker and prove that there is still a big gap at the top of the table?

Liverpool is still the best side in the country – and it’s a bit farce that Manchester City started the season as favorites. That was an 18-point gap last season! However, Jurgen Klopp does not care.

And the new signings have given the fan base a little boost, but really we should not have demanded one after the last semester anyway.

Fabinho excelled in midfield at Stamford Bridge and kept Timo Werner out throughout the match. But was that enough to prove that Liverpool do not need another addition in that area?

I would like to have another body in that area. If Joel Matip and Joe Gomez were not so prone to injury, I would be fine with the current options, but they really are.

Still, Thiago’s arrival means that we have a finished number six that allows Fabinho to play further back – and I suggest that number six is ​​better suited for the Spaniard than number eight anyway.

So maybe the side that started the second half vs Chelsea is actually Liverpool’s strongest!

There are several players who can resign before October 5. Who do you think are the top priorities to move forward, and should Rhian Brewster be sold?

I do not care that Brewster is sold, provided there is a repurchase clause. He deserves minutes. He will not get them for us.

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Elsewhere, Loris Karius, Xherdan Shaqiri, Harry Wilson, Marko Grujic and maybe even Divock Origi could be seen at the door. The squad is unnecessarily large right now!

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