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Significant figures for Monday, April 15, 2019

You read significant numbers, a daily melting of the numbers inside the news.

As many as 180 requests

Location data collected by Google from phones can act as a "dragon" for the police. In many cases, the authorities have received search options that require Google to change data from a database called Sensorvault. The company receives as many as 180 law enforcement inquiries a week, according to a Google employee, even though the company did not comment on the Times about specific numbers. These new orders are sometimes called geofence options and "specify an area and time period, and Google collects Sensorvault information about the devices that were there." [The New York Times]

60% favorites

NBA Playoffs started over the weekend and Golden State Warriors ̵

1; as they have been season – are the favorites to cross through them and win the championship. Specifically, they have a 60 percent chance of trophy lifts, according to our predictions. The Toronto Raptors and the Milwaukee Bucks follow the distance by 16 and 15 percent respectively. [FiveThirtyEight]

385-foot wing tip

The world's largest aircraft – of 500,000 pounds with a 385-foot wing tip and named Stratolaunch – flew for the first time over the weekend and landed safely. The aircraft is designed to "release rockets that light up the engines and increase in orbit around the earth." Stratola lunch was the brainchild of Microsoft founder Paul Allen, who died last year. [The Verge]

15 Year Return

Happy (?) Tax Day! Kamala Harris came in today's spirit by releasing 15 years of return. She and her husband reported an income of $ 1.89 million last year, which included Harris's Senate salary along with $ 320,000 she made from her book "The Truths We Hold." [Politico]

More than 1200 people

More than 1200 people have died in Madagascar as a result of a measles outbreak that has seen "far away" 115,000 cases. Less than 60 percent of the country is vaccinated against infectious diseases, not because of resistance to vaccinating children, but rather because parents face huge challenges, including lack of resources. [Associated Press]

14-year gap

Here's a blast from the past: Tiger Woods won the masters yesterday afternoon. It was his first big victory in 11 years and his first green jacket in 14 years – consisting of a record-breaking Masters win as Gary Player set. It was also Wood's 15th big victory and at 43 years old he is just three shy of Jack Nicklauss's famous record 18. [ESPN]

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