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Sheriff Scott Israel will be suspended over Parkland's massacre reaction, source said

gov. Ron DeSantis will postpone the condemned Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel over the 2018 mass image, killing 17 students and teachers by a former student.

The governor is expected to publish at 3:00 am in Broward County's general security complex, in an event billed as "a government agency responsible" message.

Broward County Sheriff Office would not comment on the report.

"Sheriff Israel has not received any official word from the governor or his office for the purpose of this visit. The Sheriff remains firmly committed to continuing to serve the citizens of Broward County as well as men and women under his leadership," said Sheriff's lawyer Stuart Kaplan to CNN.

Miami Herald reports that the governor will name retired Coral Springs Police Sgt. Gregory Tony as Broward's interim sheriff.

Shortly after the February 1

4 mass shooting, Israel faced criticism of his agency's responses, including calls for resignation. A recent draft report by a public security commission tasked with investigating the shot found several failures and failures, among some of Israel's deputies.

According to Florida statutes, the governor has the power to postpone the sheriff for acts such as "misunderstanding" and "neglect of duty" and can fill the office with the decisive factor for the termination. The actual power to remove the sheriff from the office is in the hands of the state senate.

According to the body's website, it makes "final dispositions" about whether to resume an official or remove him from the office.

Nikolas Cruz has admitted that he was the shooter and performs shooting at his Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, his former school, according to court documents. The attack, which also left dozens of injured, is one of the deadliest shootings in recent American history.

Eleven days after the massacre, more than 70 Republican representatives and Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran sent a letter to the Gov. Rick Scott asks him to postpone the sheriff for what they called their "incompetence and neglect of duty".

Israel then said he would not resign.
In April, the Sherard of Broward County took a largely symbolic voice for uncertainty against Israel, with union president Jeff Bell promising to ask the governor to consider removing Israel. The sheriff then said the vote only reflected "a small number" of BSO employees and the union representing the vast majority of employees "firmly supports the management of this agency."
  The fate of the Sheriff from Parkland Scotland in Florida Governor's shot

In December, Marjory released Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission , which examines the shot, its draft report. Some of the failures and failures highlighted in the Commission's report ranged from unlocked and unmanned gates on Parkland's campus to an inadequate public-address system. The report also said former Vice President Scot Peterson, School Resource Manager, was "missing in his duty" and "failed to act in accordance with his education and fled to a position of personal security" during mass shooting. Peterson instructed deputies to stay away from the building where the shootings took place, the draft said.
  Unresolved gates, dawdling cops and lack of a PA system that contributed to the massacre in Parkland, reports findings

Several respondents Broward sheriff's deputies were observed either on camera or described as taking time to pick up and put on ballistic vests also

The Commission presented its final report to civil servants on January 2 .

CNN's Eli Watkins, Ray Sanchez and Tina Burnside contributed to this report.

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