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She looks amazing in new picture – Hollywood Life

Kylie Jenner's after-treated body looks better in a new image she published on Instagram. You must see this look at how amazing her ass looks in a velor tracksuit!

Well there is a way to promote your brand! Kylie Jenner 20, hoped for Instagram on April 11th for a quick football with his Mercedes G-Wagon, Kylie Cosmetics, Fendi, a lot of velor and her huuuuge ass. Kylie looked like a million dollars on this sunny day in Los Angeles, flaunting her incredible after-child figure as a boss. The first picture was pretty cute. Kylie simply sleeps on her G-Wagon while wearing a brown velor jumpsuit, as you do. She looks so glamorous with her little sunglasses as well, but we're laughing at her trying to play a flirty picture as an ad for one of her lips. It's okay to just send a picture!

The other image is not entirely about liquid lipstick. Kylie glows all the way in the "hump day" (her words) picture that puts her amazing buttocks on my face. She looks so good that we honestly consider digging our Juicy workout out of the back of our closets. It's hard to believe Kylie had a baby a little over two months ago! Her waist is small, and she definitely lost the weight of the child in her face and arms. Kylie Jenners Butt in Velor Courtesy of Instagram

Kylie's Photo Shot Comes In The Sister Khloe Kardashian 's Big Drama With Boyfriend / Daddy To Her baby, Tristan Thompson . Tristan, 27, was allegedly caught cheating on Khloe with several women, literally just days (or maybe hours!) before she is born. Tristan has claimed to cheat on Khloe for several months, with October video shows that he claimed he could jump with two other women! The current video taken in Washington, DC, by a hookbar shows a man (allegedly Tristan) as a motorboat a woman who then takes her branch Bad Khloe!

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