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SFO Runway 28L will open a week early!

The past ten days have been troublesome for many San Francisco travelers thanks to the closure of SFO Runway 28L. But the pain will end tomorrow night, a whole week before the schedule.

The 28L construction run begins September 7 at San Francisco International Airport. The purpose of the project was to construct a new base layer under the surface. The project was originally planned to run September 7 – 26. The crews worked around the clock.

It is not surprising that the reduction of a runway spun traffic on SFO. Although most carriers proactively canceled flights, delays and cancellations were common during the project.

But the crews worked around the clock, taking a break: the soil during the original 1960s base stock was considered stable, an unknown that the airport had taken in extra time to potentially deal with.

As a result of the good news, the runway will end tomorrow night at 9pm, a full week before the schedule.

Airport Director Ivar C. Satero told Travel Skills: [19659007] I am proud to announce the reopening of Runway 28L at SFO, ahead of schedule. I would like to acknowledge the hassle this work caused our customers, and thank them for their patience during this critical project, which will ensure the long-term reliability of our landing system at SFO.


Runway projects are always annoying when affecting flights, but kudos to San Francisco for investing in its infrastructure and completing the project ahead of schedule.

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