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Sex and drugs – understanding the risks


Whilst having good sex with the right person is an incredibly pleasurable experience, it is always important to be aware of any health risks connected to sex. Many people use drugs to increase their sexual pleasure, but this can increase the risk of infections and disease. With taboos on drug use decreasing across society, it is more important than ever to understand the benefits and risks of using drugs during sex.


Alcohol is a very commonly used drug, with millions of adults drinking regularly across the country. Since it is legal, and culturally accepted, it is often used before or during sex. One of the big reasons for this is it reduces inhibitions. However, it also can affect our ability to reason and make sensible choices. This can lead to riskier sex acts such as unprotected sex, which can transmit diseases like HIV. You can also end up in personal danger due to decisions made whilst drunk, such as walking home alone late at night. Of course, there are also the longer term effects, such as liver disease and brain damage, and so drinking should be done in moderation.


Cannabis, also known as weed or dope, is also commonly used by many during sex. It can make orgasms more intense, and often causes unusual sensations which may be exciting. Whilst it is illegal, and is a Class B drug, weed is readily available in cities across the country. The risks involved mainly come from the unpredictability of the high ̵

1; whilst it can be very pleasurable, many people take cannabis before sex only to become disinterested and bored. Furthermore, there can be long term mental health risks, especially with higher strengths of cannabis.


Ecstasy is usually found as a pill. The active ingredient in ecstasy is called MDMA, and this typically causes people to feel less uptight and more energetic. These effects make it popular for use during sex, but there are risks involved. Ecstasy often leads to dehydration, and so it is important to drink water if you use it. It is also classed as a Class A drug, meaning the legal consequences for use is severe. Lastly, many of its negative effects can be amplified when used with other drugs such as alcohol, so try to avoid mixing ecstasy with drink.


Users tend to buy poppers to make them feel more sexually excited, and make orgasms feel more intense. There are generally less risks to using them because they are less addictive than other drugs mentioned here, but since they reduce inhibitions, they may increase the risk of HIV transmission. This is amplified because they increase the size of blood vessels, meaning these can pop (making it easier for the infection to enter the blood), and they can weaken the immune system.


Viagra is often used to increase erections, which increases sexual pleasure for both parties involved. In general viagra is also fairly low risk, but older people, overweight people, or those with health conditions may experience rare side effects such as heart attacks and strokes.

The key thing to remember when dealing with drugs and sex is to pay attention to the risks. However, provided you are informed about the risks, and apply some common sense, then you are likely to enjoy a better experience.

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