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Seth Rogens hugs Seth Rogens

Forcing us to ponder ̵

1; not for the first time – the question of who the entertainment industry’s most beloved and dynamic inauguration hero might be, HBO Max now has released the first trailer for An American pickle, the movie where Seth Rogen plays a European immigrant in the 1920s who ends up in a pickle vat and emerges 100 years later, obviously no worse for wear. As previously mentioned-back when the movie was first announced–the kind-hearted Rip Van Pickle (actual name: Herschel Greenbaum) then meets his grandson, with the couple paired over their shared family history, and also the fact that they are both Seth Rogen.

Like a gritty bread and butter slipped into a plate of wonderfully tangy kosher dills, the trailer for An American pickle is quite a bit sweeter than its extremely silly premise may have led you to expect. Unlike the platter-destroying nonsense, however, it does not appear to be complete on the saccharine, instead contrasting Herschel’s comedic optimism with deeper issues of faith, family and death. Also David Bowie, because we have to give it up for the movie: A guy who fell into a pickle vat in 1920 and then appeared in American society 100 years later would probably have some difficulty getting along with David Bowie.

An American pickle debuts on HBO Max on August 6.

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