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"Seinfeld" actor Charles Levin's gruesome end is described in the police report

New details have emerged during the death of Charles Levin, 70, who appeared in television comedies such as "Seinfeld" and "Night Court."

The actor was found in a remote area of ​​Oregon on July 13 after he was officially reported missing on July 8 after more than a week's absence.

Reports from Oregon's Grants Pass Department of Public Safety reveal that Levin lost himself on a remote mountain road in his Orange Fiat, found in a fallen tree-lined area about four miles from the nearest asphalt road. The police report found that the terrain was so difficult that officers had to walk 1/4 mile from their emergency vehicle to get to the final location of the car that had seen the passenger side mirror sheared.

"I never would have thought that Fiat would have been able to make any progress in this section of the roadway," the police report noted, noting that the car finally stuck to "piles of country material."

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  Actor Charles Levin has been missing for a week.

The front tire area "appeared to have been disturbed in an obvious attempt to free the vehicle."

The car contained the remains of Levin's beloved pug, Boo-Boo Bear and the area was filled with "an overwhelming smell of disintegration." [19659002] Searched at night through thick overgrowth, police found Levin's naked, poorly shattered remains on the bottom of a treacherously steep ravine.

"There were signs of animal capture probably in the form of turkey antlers because there was evidence of bird feces on and around the body," the report said.

Officer found that their ATV left the scene "suffered damage from crossing the same road that Fiat was found on."

Police ruled out foul play and suicide death. The autopsy report stated that the cause of death was "unintentional."

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