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See NASA's first female spacewalk

Koch and Meir will replace a battery charge / discharge device that failed to activate after new lithium-ion batteries were installed outside the ISS a few days ago. The entire space walk takes about five to six hours. You can tell who is who by checking their costumes and camera numbers: Koch's suit will have red stripes, and she will use a helmet camera with the number 1

8. At the same time, Meir does not have any stripes, and she will use a helmet camera with the number 11

NASA interrupted the initial spacewalk for the entire woman a few days before it was due to happen, as both Koch and then partner Anne McClain needed a medium-sized extravehicular mobility device or EMU suit, and only one could be ready in time. The agency supplies ISS with modular suits with different parts in different sizes that must be assembled. It just so happened that EMU's medium torso fits both astronauts best, and when it comes to space suits you can't just go one size smaller or bigger – the fit must be perfect for EMU to protect its wearer from the hard elements of the outer space.

Jessica Bennett, The New York Times & # 39; Gender Editor, asked Lady Astronaut boxing author Mary Robinette Kowal about the lack of ready-to-size suits meant that they were "designed by and for men. " Kowal said it is true for the generation of space suits that currently exist on the ISS. After all, they were manufactured in the late 1970s based on Apollo technology. The EMUs are also time consuming to assemble, which is probably why the agency decided to develop new space suits – under leading designers Amy Ross and Kristine Davis – for Project Artemis.

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