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Sean Hannity to Jimmy Kimmel: "It's over" but if the feud continues "I'll hit even harder"

Will the hatchet be buried between two publicly sweeping info-tainers with an eye on their grades? soooo Surprising Answers: Get ready!

Fox News host Sean Hannity, one of President Trump's greatest defenders and late night comedian Jimmy Kimmel, emerged as a prominent drum critic had been engaged in an ongoing struggle on their respective TV shows and social media and Hannity on Monday evening had promised to respond to Kimmel's attempt to quit the beef.

But in true cable fashion, the conservative values ​​only kept tearing it. On his Monday show, Hannity held up the thrill. First, he has to deal with Monday afternoon news that the FBI agents had taken home and office at Trump's Personal Attorney. "Everything we warned of will now be of use," warned Hannity darkly to the viewers. After segments of "witch hunt" and plenty of deaeration at former Trump rival Hillary Clinton (even Syria!), He finally closed his judgment at the end of his show.

In his unanimous monologist Hannity reluctantly accepted the olive branch, even though he called it "forced Disney apology." He invited Kimmel on his show for a more complete debate, as Kimmel has taken care of the administration's positions in healthcare and immigration.

"It's Over" Their Week-long Battle. But, in true tune-in-for-more-spirit, he promised that the drama could continue. "If you start again," he said. "I'll fight back even harder."

The whole story began when Kimmel, on his ABC show, "Jimmy Kimmel Live", made the first lady Melania Trump a punchline of one of his joke, referring to her accent. Conservative critics, including Hannity, pounced quickly.

In what was one of the more enlightening public political debates since the exchange between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas came a nasty exchange. Hannity ran to the first lady's defense, calling his rival a "disgraceful shame", a "sickly twisted, wrinkled, perverted weirdo" and "Harvey Weinstein Jr." Kimmel retaliated by insisting that Hannity was in the trance of the president in a tweet of the conservatives called homophobic: "Do not worry – just keep tweeting – you'll be back on top!" Or does Trump prefer you to the bottom? "Wrote Kimmel. "Anyway, keep your chin up big fella .. XO."

Kimmel eventually apologized and tried to quell the drama and called the heated exchange "harmful to our country". He apologized for the gay community and although he threw his first joke about Melania Trump's accent as a "harmless and stupid offense," he said in a statement that "Mrs. Trump is almost sure to worry without being used as an attempt to increase TV ratings. "

It was up to Hannity on Monday night to either quit or introduce. Aaaand, shocking no-one, he did something in between. Hannity threw the comedian's joke as a wider effort of "media" to "properly hurt this president and bring this family," he said. "These cheap shots must end."

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