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Sean Hannity returns to Alec Baldwin's "imbecility" comment

Sean Hannity spotted actor Alec Baldwin's guest style as an inviting radio host, one day after the Hollywood star took a shot at Fox News host in a tweet.

"You do not need Mueller's report or Barr's conflict of interest or Sean Hannity's innocence to clarify a unifying thing: Trump is the devil," Baldwin tweeted Monday, referring to the special council report Robert Mueller on his investigation into Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election and lawyer William Barr.

On his television show on Tuesday, Hannity described the tweet as Baldwin "with trouble getting rid of the Mueller report."

Hannity then aimed at Baldwin's only attempt as an invitation

"I have a story with Alec. Hi, Alec, want to go there? Wait until I start playing your audition bands, when you were trying to be a radio talk show host, " he said. he spoke with the fox Fox News host Laura Ingraham, Hannity mocked the show for not having any callers.

The two apparently referred to a 2006 show at the Philadelphia WPHT where Alec Baldwin filled in, repeatedly asked to call and read a menu. Baldwin later hosted TV talk shows on both MSNBC and ABC, of ​​which lasted longer than eight episodes.

Baldwin, a successful actor who often portrays President Trump on "Saturday Night Live", also hosts "Here's the Thing", a podcast and radio show at New York City's public station WNYC.

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