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Sean Hannity accepts Jimmy Kimmel's apology, issues threats

Sean Hannity and Jimmy Kimmel have agreed on a détente.

After a dramatic weekend of back and forth mines between late night, show hosts and a late Sunday apology from Kimmel, Hannity took a victory at his show on Monday night.

"I think everyone should apologize," Hannity said. "That's what my religion teaches me. I suppose he's sincere. From my perspective, I really like a good fight and I agree with Jimmy in the sense that it's time to move on."

The word war that began with Kimmel's joke about First Lady Melania Trump and her accent, took a sharp turn when Hannity launched an attack on the comedian and called him "Harvey Weinstein Jr."

"I've just had it with the complete hypocrisy ̵

1; the incessant attacks against not just a sitting president but his wife and his daughter and his 11 year old son," Hannity said on his show Friday night.

After the cameras were gone, the right pundit took social media with #PervertKimmel hashtag and old clips from Comedy Central's "The Man Show," as Kimmel hosted.

Kimmel offered a fire and a mild excuse to the Fox News host on Sunday.

"While I admitted that I had fun with us back and forth after some thought, I realized that the level of vitriol from all directions (mine and I included) is nothing good for anyone and is actually harmful to our country "he wrote and quoted that he and his family had been threatened with hot from angry Hannity fans.

"I hope that Sean Hannity will learn from this and continue his newfound advocates for women, immigrants and first ladies and will win in her heroic struggle against sexual harassment and perversion."

Hannity concluded Monday evening monologue with a reminder that "the media is now an extension of the democratic party" and another threat to Kimmel.

"There's no shortage of comic material out there. Jimmy, if you want to start again, I promise that I'll be back even harder and my manufacturer spent the whole weekend compiling many of your highlights or lowlights in your career They are not doing you well, he says.

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