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Seahawks reports signing linebacker who faces up to 25 years in prison

After being fastened to 470 meters by Broncos on Sunday, Seahawks seems to be on the market for any defensive help, and they seem to be not too demanding about what they add.

According to to ESPN.com the team has decided to sign former Brown's line-backer Mychal Kendricks to a year's section, and they plan to get him in the field for Monday's match against Bears. It's an interesting decision by Seahawks and it's mostly because there is a chance that Kendrick will not even be able to finish the season because of his ongoing legal problems.

The belated liner backer is in charge of up to 25 years in prison after which is subject to insider trading earlier this month . Kendricks will learn from their fate at a judgmental hearing in December.

The 27-year-old, who won a Super Bowl ring with the eagles last season, was under the control of the SEC after he managed to convert a $ 80,000 investment to almost $ 1

.2 million over an eight month period. According to American lawyer William M. McSwain, Kendricks could make a profit because he received insider tips from the television author Damilare Sonoiki.

On August 29, both men were accused of a number of conspiracies for committing securities fraud and a number of interest rate fraud. Kendricks, who played for Browns on the day McSwain announced the charges, was released by the team just hours after the allegation was announced.

In addition to the legal problems, Kendricks could also face a potential punishment from NFL. According to NFL.com, Kendricks may still be penalized for violating the league's personal conduct policy.

Basically, with the potential NFL suspension and a December murder hover hanging over his head, there is a chance that Kendricks will not be on the field very often for Seahawks this year. Of course, having looked at Seahawk's defense match in Seattles 27-24 loss to Denver on Sunday, it's possible that the team just wants to cure its defense at all costs and is not so worried about Kendrick's legal situation

Kendricks is led in in his seventh NFL season. After being elected by the eagles in the second round of the NFL draft for 2012, Kendrick spent six years in Philadelphia before releasing this past offseason. The linebacker, who signed a one-year contract with Browns in June, lasted only two months in Cleveland before losing the team's awareness of his legal problems.

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