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SE Cupp: GOP is responsible for Trump's "racist" and "un-American ideas"

CNN's S.E. Cupp on Saturday lambasted Republican legislature, says GOP was in charge of President Trump Donald John Trumpus Saudi Arabia policy needs a dose of "realpolitik" Trump call to Swedish leader rapper A $ AP Rocky, for his mayor Matt Gaetz faces Mueller: "We will re-elect the president" MORE 's "racist" and "un-American ideas".

"You break the one you own it", the conservative host said on "SE Cupp Unfiltered." "The Republican Party is now fully responsible for its racist, disjointed, un-American ideas. They are yours as much as any policy. It is actually the policy. Republicans can pretend that this is just rhetoric, but when Central American children are put in Cages at the border like politics, and when the administration pushes to reduce refugee admissions to zero as politics, and when the president conducted a Muslim ban as a policy, it is not just words. It is the agenda. "

Cupp, who has repeatedly criticized the president continued to call up GOP lawmakers who have called on Trump to only "focus on politics" when he faces scrutiny for his rhetoric.

"I always hear from Republican legislators." I wish he would focus on politics. I don't like what the president said, but I'm focused on politics. "What a lot of shit," says Cupp, who says the idea Congressmen can "divide Trump into categories" is the lie of the century. "

" Trump is not a buffet where you can take whatever you want and leave what you don't " "

The comments from Cupp came after a week, where Trump repeatedly addressed a group of minority congressional women. The president said the representatives – Alexandria Ocasio -Cortez Alexandria Ocasio-CortezOcasio-Cortez tears into Trump's immigration agenda: "It's about ethnicity and racism" George Takei: The US has hit a new low during the trumpet #IStandWithErica trends after Georgia Democratic lawmaker say she was told " go back where you came from "More (DN.Y.), Ilhan Omar Ilhan OmarBid compares Trump with George Wallace Padma Lakshmi on Trump's handling of" send Trump defends the answer to the rally chant: I led not f on "MORE (D-Minn.), Rashida Tlaib Rashida Harbi TlaibBiden compares Trump to George Wallace Padma Lakshmi on Trump's handling of" returning his chance: "It's Charlottesville 2.0" Trump defends the answer to the rally chant: I did not lead people to "MORE (D-Mich.) And Ayanna Pressley Ayanna PressleyBid compares Trump to George Wallace P Adma Lakshmi on Trump's" send back his chance: "It's Charlottesville 2.0. "Trump defends the answer to the rally chant: I did not lead people on" MORE (D-Mass.) "To" go back "to the" criminal infected places "they came from before talking about how the US would be governed. [19659004] He consistently defended his position and said that the legislators were free to leave the United States if they were not happy. The house last week approved a resolution to condemn Trump's comments as a racist. Four GOP legislators, as well as independent rep. Justin Amash Justin Amash Memo: Fear of violence grows in the midst of the Trump race storm Top Missouri magazine condemns GOP's "shameful silence" on Trump's "racism" Amash answers "Send her back & # 39; chants at Trump rally: & # 39; This is how the worst episodes of history begin — MORE (Mich.) Joined all Democrats as they endorsed the resolution.

But Cupp shouted the Republicans who were "willing to hold their noses and continue to support Trump."

"It is worth it for a good economy, many will say. It's worth it for more jobs, for conservative judges It's not so, and the Republicans are talented to play a very short game. "she said.

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