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Scalise, Cole introduces resolution to change impeachment rules

Friday, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) And Rep. Tom Cole Thomas (Tom) Jeffrey Cole Fighting over Trump's wall raises odds for "continuous" stopgap measures Senate spending goes off rails as they begin Social determinants of health – health care is not just bugs and germs MORE (R-Okla.) Introduced a resolution that would require the committees overseeing the impeachment investigation to allow external members of the House to have access to proceedings, depositions and transcribed interviews.

The introduction comes after a group of household conservatives tried to gain access to a closed-door hearing on Wednesday. The conservative legislators were rejected because they did not sit on the House Intelligence Committee, the Foreign Affairs Committee or the House Monitoring Committee.

"The stakes are too high for President [Adam] Schiff [D-Calif.] and President [Nancy] Pelosis [D-Calif.] to proceed in secret. The elected representatives of the American people have been denied access to relevant documents and the opportunity to participate in deposits. and transcribed interviews, "Scalise said in a statement.

"President Schiff wants to impeach President Trump Donald John TrumpDemocratic senator rips Trump's" let them fight ":" Enough is enough "Warren warns Facebook could help re-elect Trump and take advantage of it "Trump beats Turkey cease fire:" Sometimes you have to let them fight "MORE behind closed doors and clearly have no intention of conducting a fair and open process. We require For the sake of our republic, members of Congress must have access to procedures with such monumental and dangerous consequences. "

According to the resolution, no member, delegate or resident commissioner can be denied access to the procedure or documents.

GOP legislators have been very critical of the Democrats' process since the formal investigation that began four weeks ago and accused the Left of taking an outstanding approach to impeachment. GOP members claim that the procedures lack transparency and they claim that members over time "cherry pick" the information released in an attempt to turn public opinion to their advantage.

In a fiery exchange with House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer Steny Hamilton HoyerHillicon Valley: Zuckerberg defends handling of misinformation in political ads | Biden camp hits Zuckerberg over remarks | Those bill would imprison technical execs for lying about privacy | The Consumer Protection Agency unintentionally revealed personal information House leaders offer tributes from floor to Elijah Cummings Maloney to serve as acting supervisory chair after Cumming's death MER (D-Md.) On the house floor Friday, Scalise blasted a rule allowing a whistle with used information. The change occurred just before the complaint was filed. The move further claims that the Democrats' probe is politically motivated.

"So by default, being a whistle was: first hand information. Secretly, days before the whistleblower complaint was filed, after going to President Schiff's staff and working with partisans to develop the whistleblower clock, they changed the rules to even designate a whistle so that it could allow second-hand information, ”he said.

"Who changed that rule? We would be curious to find out. You don't want us to find out because you keep all this in secret. Should we not know what is really happening and what is behind the so-called whistleblowing complaint that has been debunked? "

Hoyer fired back, insisting that they were conducting an unfair process and arguing with valid concerns in the complaints that justify a congressional probe.

"We will continue to have what we believe is fair, correct, in accordance with the rules, in accordance with the United States Constitution, in accordance with the laws of the United States of America, to find out if this president has committed high crimes and misdemeanors, and then when we conclude an answer to that question, all members of the House will have access to all information, "Hoyer said, noting that Schiff sent a letter stating that once all witnesses have testified, members will have access to all information.

"What he doesn't want is for witnesses to read each other's testimony and parrot it," adds the majority leader to Schiff. "It's a fair thing to make sure we don't have a witness simply assume testimony from another witness. We want the truth, not the parrot other information. So I hope we can move forward."

The action is facing an uphill battle in the democratically controlled sub-chamber.

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