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Saudi princess found guilty of ordering bodyguard to look up worker

T He sister of Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince was found guilty of ordering a bodyguard to look up a French worker who worked in her lavish Paris apartment.

Princess Hassa binds Salman Al Saud, who is Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's sister, received a ten-month prison sentence and was ordered to pay $ 11,000 by a French court on Thursday. Her bodyguard, Rani Saidi, was sentenced to eight months' suspension and fined $ 5,600, according to CNN.

The worker, Ashraf Eid, said that he was working in the princess's bathroom and began taking photos of furniture "for reference" when he noticed that Hassa was watching. He said she then told her bodyguard to grab his phone and was then tied at the wrist and beaten.

Eid said that the princess said to him, "You are like, damn, dogs. You will see how to talk to a princess, how to talk to the royal family."

He said Saidi pointed a gun at the back of his head and offered him two alternatives, "Kiss the Princess's feet or risk further abuse."

Eid contacted the police after the incident and Hassa was questioned for two hours before he was released and left the country three days later. An international arrest warrant was issued for her in 201


"It is with great disbelief and indignation that we received … this verdict," the princess's lawyer said after Thursday's verdict.

Hassa was not present during the verdict, but she was found guilty of armed violence and involvement in holding someone against their will.

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