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Sara Netanyahu Cuts Plea Deal in Cateringfall

JERUSALEM – Sara Netanyahu, wife of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel, accepted a trial on Wednesday morning and pays about $ 15,000 in fines and repayment to settle allegations that she has abused about $ 100,000 in public funds to deal with the couple's official prosecutor

Prosecutors said that Mrs. Netanyahu, who they accused of fraud, had concealed that a chef was on pay so she could order hundreds of food from expensive restaurants and charge them to the state.

During the agreement with the state law firm, it halved to about $ 50,000, and the amount of Netanyahu agreed to commit a minor act of war, especially that she deliberately exploited the mistakes of others. She is due to pay about $ 2,800 in fines and $ 1

2,500 in repayment.

Ms. Netanyahu, 60, was accused of fraud and confidence a year ago in the case of 2010-2013. Prosecutors accused her of "exploiting his status as prime minister's wife" and collaborating with a top assist in a "planned, ongoing and systematic" system to break government rules and hide it from state auditors.

The agreement, which was formalized in the court in Jerusalem, puts an end to a case that has bothered the Netanyahu family for years, somewhat lighter baggage that the prime minister carries when he goes back to re-election, in September.

But Netanyahu is facing a much more serious criminal prosecution, due to bribery, fraud and crimes on trusting his band with wealthy businessmen and accusations of acting official favors for gifts and positive news coverage. He is generally expected to be the subject of a hearing now set for October 2, but he is expected to ask Israel's Supreme Court for extension.

Ms. Netanyahu himself is still facing a trial by a former housecleaner. The woman, Shira Raban, worked at the prime minister's residence for one month in 2017 and said that Ms. Netanyahu abused her and insulted her constantly. She is looking for about $ 63,000 in damages. In court on Tuesday, Mrs Netanyahu's lawyer accused Mrs Raban of making money.

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