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San Diego gets its biggest cruise ship ever – thanks to the hurricane

The Norwegian Bliss, a 4,500 passenger ship originally bound to the Mexico River, diverted to San Diego on Wednesday because of a hurricane that landed the night before on the west coast of Mexico.

The Norwegian cruise ship is the largest cruise ever docked in San Diego, which is more common in accommodating more medium-sized vessels.

The largest ships that usually call San Diego are from Princess Cruises – Grand Princess, Star Princess and Ruby Princess – which are all Grand Class ships that hold about 3000 passengers, according to San Diego harbor.

The original plan for Bliss, who left Saturday from Los Angeles, included stays in Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas. A revised itinerary had the ship to stay in San Francisco on Monday, followed by San Diego on Wednesday. It was planned to leave at 6 pm for Ensenada where it will arrive Thursday morning. It is supposed to return to Los Angeles on Saturday.

The hurricane that forced redirection was downgraded later into a tropical storm.

"Our built-in team works to ensure the best vacation experience possible in view of these weather-related changes," the cruise ship said in a statement Wednesday. "We will continue to monitor the storm carefully and provide further updates as soon as they become available. We apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment that these weather-related changes may cause."

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