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San Antonio International Airport controller responds to missed pay

Air carriers San Antonio International Airport is responding to missed pay. (SBG Photo)

SAN ANTONIO – The National Air Traffic Control Union sued the federal government during the suspension.

Today, hundreds of thousands of workers saw nothing but zero on their paychecks.

They can't just get off the job, air traffic controllers are considered necessary and needed to work during a state suspension.

Here in San Antonio, there are more than 50 airline officials working without pay right now.

They hope the shutdown ends quickly so they can get paid.

Travis Uhlhorn still can't believe it.

"I've paid a cent," said Uhlhorn.

and there is no font.

"That's all we have Uhlhorn said

Uhlhorn represents the union of 51 air traffic controllers here in San Antonio.

Everyone works without payment.

" We still come to work, "said Uhlhorn.

To make thousands of flights go smoothly.

"70,000 flights a day, and we all see that

Aviation Directors continue to keep the sky safe without money to pay their bills.

"It is not political for us, we are not playing the gambling game, we just want to get paid," says Uhlhorn.

Air traffic controllers will get the money they missed after the government reopened.

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