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Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Fan Edition 5G is starting to sound positively dreamy

As if Samsung did not have enough Exciting high-end smartphones in the pipeline for official announcements and commercial releases in the coming months, an additional model began making rumors back in June.

Because the “ordinary” The Galaxy Note 20 variant can in many ways be considered a direct successor to the Note 10 Lite rather than last year’s standard Note 10, Samsung may not be working with a separate Note 20 Lite model. But a Galaxy S10 Lite successor will almost certainly come soon.

A Q4 edition at a “nice price”

According to the sources of this particular insider, Samsung may aim to launch the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition, aka the S20 FE, aka the Galaxy Fan Edition, at the end of the year. Unfortunately, there are no details linked to the vague Q4 2020 ETA, which means that we can not be sure that the powerful smartphone will actually be sold during the last three months of the year.

It’s not uncommon for the company to unveil the new mid-range Galaxy A series in December before releasing them commercially in January, for example, so perhaps the S20 Fan Edition will follow a similar schedule.

Again, Ice Universe’s prediction may also be similar a Korean media report from a few weeks ago that predicted a commercial debut in the Galaxy Note 20 series in August, followed by Galaxy Fold 2 in September, and this budget-friendly new member of the S20 family in October.
Speaking of the budget-friendly angle, there are unfortunately no specific figures to talk about, although it is worth noting that the Ice Universe expects the price to be “nice”. That … really means nothing, but if the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition follows S10 Lite suit, its recommended price can be set at about $ 650 in the US.

Major upgrades across the board

While The S10 Lite felt overpriced (due to its cramped US release), the S20 Fan Edition could be an absolute heavyweight … if it manages to stay below the $ 700 mark. This is because it pretty much guaranteed the use of a state of the art The Snapdragon 865 SoC essentially carves in stone the presence of 5G connectivity as well, with these two massive improvements alone that make us hope that the Galaxy S20 FE will get better reception than its Lite predecessor.
The The Galaxy S10 Lite, remember, was a 4G LTE-only Snapdragon 855 powerhouse with a 6.7-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen with a resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels and a conventional 60Hz refresh rate.

Believe it or not, Samsung is expected to raise that bar to 120 Hz on the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition 5G, add the cheap flagship handset to a select group of full-blown flagships that currently include the S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra and will include the Galaxy Fold 2 and Note 20 Ultra soon too but not “default” Note 20. It would place the S20 FE higher on the Android device’s totem pole than even OnePlus 8 5G, which arranges for 90Hz refresh rate technology.

Once again, this also makes us skeptical that the price of the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition 5G may end up being as “nice” as the S10 Lite.

After all, even the unlocked OnePlus 8 5G starts at $ 700. And yes, The S20 FE should look quite as elegant and as premium as the other members of the Galaxy S20 family, with a small-sounding 3.3 mm hole punch and an IP68 water-resistant building. If you’re wondering, no, the S10 Lite is not protected against water immersion.

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