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Samsung PlayGalaxy Link for Android is now available for download

Samsung announces the Galaxy Note 10's gaming features just like the previous Note series. This time, however, some of these features were not available at launch. PlayGalaxy Link is a game streaming app that allows users to connect to their PC via Wi-Fi or mobile data and stream their library of games on a Samsung phone or tablet. The PlayGalaxy Link app must be installed on a PC and Android smartphone to get the game stream working, but it wasn't available with the Galaxy Note 10 at launch. The good news is that Samsung has announced players who can now download the PlayGalaxy Link app if they want to start streaming their games, AndroidPolice reports.

The app supports third-party Bluetooth controls, mice and keyboards, but players can also use on-screen controls if they do not want to connect peripherals to their phones. Of course, downloading and using PlayGalaxy Link is completely free, even if you only find it in the Galaxy Store.

The PlayGalaxy Link game streaming app is still in beta and is currently only available in the US and South Korea. You can download the PC version directly from the PlayGalaxy Link website, while the Android app can be downloaded via the Galaxy Store on your Samsung smartphone.

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