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Samsung just reminded us that Galaxy Fold is an accident waiting to happen – BGR

Samsung fixed the badly designed Galaxy Fold and launched it about five months after its first launch date, so we can all forget the original device that was supposed to highlight the company's inventive wealth.

It is still a win for Samsung in the sense that history books will remember that 2019 was the year of the collapsible, and Samsung was at the forefront of the collapsible revolution. But if you have bought a Fold or are planning to buy one, Samsung wants to remind you that the phone will break if you are not careful about it.

The company posted on YouTube a new clip titled "Caring for your Galaxy Fold" that explains how to use the device to avoid damage. But the video also emphasizes that the phone is much easier to destroy than one would expect, especially from an advanced unit that costs nearly $ 2,000.

First and foremost comes the smartphone that folds into a tablet with a polymer screen protected by a pre-applied film that you cannot remove. Samsung says you shouldn't use any other film cover on top of it, and it's probably best to listen to Samsung. What worries you here? If you apply extra protection you may want to replace it at some point along the way. Applying any kind of extra pressure to the screen can ruin it, which is what happened during early tests in reality in April when the reviewers tried to remove the poorly designed, non-removable screen protector.

Even while we are at it, Samsung is telling everyone to use a "light touch" on the screen, as extra pressure can adversely affect the "expensive" screen. What does it mean? How easy should our details be?

However, that is not all. You also need to think about the hinge, which, although specially designed, can allow water and dust to get into the phone. This was a pre-release problem that Samsung fixed, but one that could still ruin the phone – junk that entered the phone via the hinge killed at least one of the Galaxy Fold review devices.

One more thing: This fold has magnets that keep the two sides of the screen locked when folded. The video makes it clear that you should avoid placing the phone near objects that may be affected by magnets or that may interfere with the phone's folding mechanism. The chance of having multiple devices in your pocket at one time when you own a Galaxy Fold is slim, but if you carry the foldable phone inside a bag or purse, pay attention to metal objects and / or hope for the best.

If all else fails and you destroy Fold, Samsung's Galaxy Fold Premiere Service will hopefully take care of you.

Image source: Eric Risberg / AP / Shutterstock

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