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Samsung Chromebook Pro gets an upgrade that users want: a backlit keyboard

Samsung has given Chromebook Pro an upgrade that users will appreciate. The updated version now has a backlit keyboard, although the specifications are the same as the old model. (19459013) Samsung )

Samsung seems to notice what the people ̵

1; or rather Chromebook users – want.

This is evident from the new Chromebook Pro updated with a backlit keyboard, a

Chromebook Pro Quiet Upgrade

On the Samsung website, it released a new list titled "Samsung Chromebook Pro with backlit keyboard".

Compared to the previous version, there is nothing new except the illuminated keyboard. This means that it is powered by the same Intel Core m3-6Y30 processor from 2017, 4GB of RAM and 32GB of built-in storage. The screen will not change either. It's still 12.3 "LED screen with 2,400 x 1600 resolution, which is great because it's among the best out there.

Now the same price applies. Just like the first Chromebook Pro, it returns that user back to $ 599. It's good for new buyers, more or less. It may be bad news for those who bought the previous model (XE510C24-K01US). Had they been waiting several months before they bought it, they could have got the newer with backlit keys. For the record, nobody really knew that Samsung would update the device, and it did not even announce it.

Why Update Is A Big Question

Many Chromebook Market users commented on Chromebook Pro when it was presented. However, the lack of a backlit keyboard was more than enough to look elsewhere.

According to Chrome Unboxed, many people chose the Asus C302 because of its backlit keys. It is despite Samsung's laptop that offers a better screen and a bundled stylus to boot.

Another complaint that plagues Chromebook Pro is that the trip on the keys is far too short. On the newer version's product page, nothing is mentioned about adding more distances to this. In other words, it is unclear whether Samsung has improved on this or not.

Long Story Short

To summarize, there is a new Chromebook Pro in the city, and it addresses at least one of the two biggest complaints about it. However, it is identical to the first model, so in addition to a backlit keyboard, it will deliver the same experience and performance.

Sure, the little tweak is nothing to bumble about. It would only have been nicer to see more upgrades under the hood or something in the same direction.

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