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Samsung can start the $ 300 Bixby smart speaker by August 9 event

Samsung has not yet managed to shake Bixby's digital assistant's lack of reputation, especially compared to competitors Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri. But the company is obviously pushing with the idea of ​​putting Bixby into a smart speaker that will resemble Echo, Google Home and Apple's HomePod in concept.

Wall Street Journal reports that Samsung could announce this device within the next month. If true, the likely launch target would be August 9, which is Samsung's unacknowledged event for Galaxy Note 9. It seems that the company plans some other surprises based on this report. The rumored price? $ 300.

Samsung has already confirmed that it is developing such a speaker. A new Galaxy Watch smartwatch can also be revealed at the Not event.

According to Journal Samsung Speakers "has a bucket shape, with the leg bottom and lamps on top." Like Apple, Samsung plans to market its product first and foremost as a premium speaker, with "smart" features as an added convenience. The Bixby speaker is said to contain "sound switch", where the speaker's sound can be radiated in the direction of a person who provides verbal commands. "It's also likely to be a hub for the company's SmartThings ecosystem of smart home gadgets. Samsung has released advanced speakers before, for example, Radiant360.

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Samsung CEO DJ Koh at the end of the year 8 episode. But I prefer to imagine that this is he who says "come to me" to Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri.
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But when it goes into smart speaker market, Samsung is facing a lot of competition at a range of prices. $ 300 should submit to the Apple HomePod speaker ($ 350) and Google's $ 400 Home Max, but it's still well over $ 100 Amazon Echo and is even more expensive than established premium speakers like Sonos One, offering Alexa Voice Support.

Bixy's main strength on Samsung's smartphones is its ability to adjust granular settings or progress through multiple screens s to perform actions – like adding a gallery image to Instagram – as Google Assistant can not. But on a speaker? We have to see what separates it from each other.

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