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Sagittarius in Panama City, Florida is dead: officials

(Reuters) – An armed man barricaded in a Panama City, Florida, apartment complex on Tuesday found dead by authorities, officials said at a press conference.

The suspect, identified as Kevin Holroyd, 49, fired several rounds of officers from a second floor apartment before found dead inside, Tommy Ford, sheriff in Bay County where Panama City is located, told a press conference.

"We're just blessed as we did not lose several officers and citizens today," Ford said.

Another complex resident experienced a minor injury.

Holroyd would have been in a murder investigation in nearby Walton County, Bay County Sheriff Office said on Facebook. [19659006] The murders, 30-year-old Clinton Street, died of several shot injuries before 9 o'clock on CDT on Tuesday, said Walton County Sheriff spokesman Corey Dobridnia in a telephone interview.

The murder and the active shooter incident were related, the Walton County Sheriff Office said on Twitter.

The firemen received a 911 call about a gas smell in the apartment, Ford said.

Officials tried to contact the suspect who officials thought lived on the complex, but he would not come to the door and started shooting from the apartment with a rifle, said the sheriff.

"The lawmaker's worst nightmare." Very difficult tactical situation, "Ford said, pointing to shooting from a raised position." Luckily, none of the good girls were injured. "

Some officers, who were murdered several times by suspicion, could not move behind vehicles because they would have been shot, Ford said.

It was a volley of gunfire as several law enforcement officers returned fire and officials heard a muffled shot inside the home, Ford said.

A resident of the complex to leave his apartment because of the gas call was struck by a shooting war and is in a stable state, officials said. She had a smaller wound on her shoulders.

Many people were imprisoned in their apartments, Ford said. used to save them.

Ford refused to say more about Holroyd's death or shot injury and said the circumstances were unclear and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigated. Officials also rejected comments on a motive.

Petrol was poured inside the residence and officials believed he was trying to light a blast before he found him dead, Ford said. The authorities used explosives to gain access.

Panama City is located on the river panhandle about 80 miles (129 km) west of Tallahassee.

(Reporting by Suzannah Gonzales in Chicago; Editing Matthew Lewis, G Crosse)

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