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Sacramento police shot by the gunman in any obstacle: report

A police officer in Sacramento, California, is in critical condition after a suspected fire on her and other officers Wednesday night while responding to a violence call.

Local reports show that she was subjected to an ambush. The scene in the northern Sacramento community is tense and fluid. Police were swarming backyards looking for a suspect and warned residents to stay inside.

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Sagittarius who probably fired from home in a home there reported Sacramento Bee.

The paper and quote the police scanner's chats, reported that a suspect may be stuck and officers authorized to use lethal force.


Allen Warren, city council, told the paper that the officer was "badly hurt". "Reports show that at one point she was stuck on a farm.

Police said another officer kept the cover until they could get an armored vehicle in the area and rescue the officer who had been injured. She was rushed to a nearby hospital and is in critical condition, the police said.

Several law enforcement agencies helped the Sacramento Police Department. The police said the situation is running.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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