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Ruth Bader Ginsburg's famous 'dissent' necklace sells at Banana Republic before it even goes on sale

Well, that was fixed

A limited edition release of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's iconic "dissent" collar-style necklaces reportedly flown off Banana Republic's online shelves before they even went on sale. The Supreme Court's oldest justice has made headlines in recent weeks as she recovers from early stage lung cancer.

Earlier this week, Banana Republic announced that they would be reissuing a black, bib-like collar necklace with faux-jewel detailing that the "Notorius RBG" first made famous in 2012. The retailer said they planned to "proudly" donate 50% of the purchase price to the ACLU's Women's Rights Project ̵

1; and the item quickly sold like a hotcake.

MEGHAN MARKLE MADE A 'CONSCIOUS IMPORT' TO NOT DRESS LIKE KATE MIDDLETON, SOURCE CLAIMS "19659003]" We just sold all units of the necklace that were made in limited edition for January delivery. Given the overwhelming response, we are working quickly to create additional quantities, ”reps for Banana Republic wrote on Instagram just one day later.

According to ABC, 85-year-old Ginsburg first received the stylish accessory from the VIP gift bag distributed at Glamor magazine's "Women of the Year" gala in 2012 and has worn it many a time since


"It looks fitting for dissents, "Ginsburg customs Katie Couric of her so-called" dissenting "collar in a 2014 interview, as per ABC.

Famed for her accessorizing here black judicial robes with fancy collars, oversized eyeglasses, fishnet gloves, and scrunchies, the unlikely style icon and octogenarian has become somewhat revered by many millennial women.

As RBG fans cheer on recovery, they are also the earliest to be available for sale again, too.

triple the c cheese for this necklace. I wanted to know as soon as there are more in stock so that I can order, ”one fan wrote on Instagram


“ PLEASE make more! ”Another agreed.

“ I want this necklace! I neeeed this necklace, "another chimed in.

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